Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1993/06/14

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Subject: Difficulties in focusing and composition
From: Ihtisham.Kabir@Eng.Sun.COM (Ihtisham Kabir)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 17:55:02 PDT

This is for Leica uses who photograph people - street photography,
or photographing children.

Some difficulties I have been facing with my M6:

1. I find it very difficult to focus on anything moving towards
me (specially our ten-month-old son.) Does anyone have any special
tricks or is it practice, practice, practice?

2. I constantly mess up with "peripheral vision" when composing, ie,
the stuff on the edge of the frame. Either I'll cut off something
good or include something bad. This one is practice, practice, practice,
for sure.

When using my Canon AE1 SLR, these problems are not as frequent
(although focusing can be a problem in available light work.)  

Any hints or comments? (No, don't tell me to buy an autofocus camera)


- Ihtisham Kabir