Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/10/06

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To: Thomas Krueger <>
Subject: Re: More on what to get
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 92 19:56:23 PDT
Cc: leica-users

I absolutely love the Minolta Hi-Matic 7 and was going to offer to buy
yours if you don't want it. I had one for many years, and was able to
strip it, clean it, repair it, and reassemble it entirely myself. The
photocell is an ordinary CdS cell and I took the liberty of measuring
its photo-optical characteristics before it went bad; I was able to 
buy new ones for about a dollar from Allied Radio in Chicago. But I
loaned it to my brother to take on a bicycle trip one year and he
dropped it into a river and lost it (merely dropping it into the river,
but being retrieved, is something that the Hi-Matic 7 recovers from
fairly easily).

I recently steered a teenage acquaintance who wanted a "first good
camera" to the Canon P. I let him try mine, and he was hooked. It's
almost as rugged as a Leica but it has a lot more features.
I've seen beat-up Canon P's that are too dented for collectors for sale
for as little as $100. I've gotten to be pretty good at stripping a
Canon P and refurbishing it and reassembling it and not having any
leftover parts.

My bread-and-butter "ruggedness" camera is a Leica IIIf equipped with a
brightline finder and a collapsible 2.8 Elmar lens. I carry a Minox
lightmeter along with it because I find the Leicameter too bulky.

There's no substitute for a rangefinder camera for ruggedness and small