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Subject: [Leica] Canon f .95 to Micro 4/3
From: lrzeitlin at (Lawrence Zeitlin)
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 17:45:31 -0400

The Canon f.95 50mm lens was mounted to the LTM Canon 7 camera but it did
not use the mounting threads. Rather it bayonetted on a mounting flange
surrounding the thread mount. This was so that the entire 39mm opening of
the LTM mount would be available to pass light from the very large rear lens
element. Canon advertised a special AB body mount which screwed into the
threads of an LTM camera and provided the lens flanges required to mount an
f.95 lens. There is no easy way to mount the lens on a standard M camera
without constructing a special mount. However the lens can be mounted by
using an AB flange mount screwed into a 50mm Leica LTM to M adapter.

But unless you already own the lens, why bother? I used one on a Canon 7
during the early 70s. While it could take pictures of black cats in coal
cellars, it was essentially a one trick pony. It was quite soft at full
aperture and did not sharpen up much when stopped down. It covered much of
the viewfinder. It was so heavy that I almost got a hernia every time I
lifted the camera. Basically the lens was a public relations gimmick to show
that Canon could make faster lenses than anyone else. If you want to
experiment with a cheap, fast lens get a Canon 50mm f1.2. They have a
standard LTM mount and can be fitted to micro 4/3 cameras with available
adapters. The reduced image size of the 4/3 sensor cuts off the soft outer
edges of the image and the lens works pretty well.

Larry Z

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As I remember that lens, it as LTM...?



2 adapters, and Bob's your uncle.


Anyone know of a micro 4/3rd adapter for Canon 50mm 0.95 lens?