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Subject: [Leica] Cover Photo: Things That Matter Now
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Wed Feb 25 15:36:10 2009

this is about a photo I took...(and about our photos in general...)

David Sollard.... Leica user, and Editor at Frontenac House writes...

"Frontenac House is a Canadian literary publisher specializing in  
poetry books.  We are constantly looking for thought-provoking  
photographs to use as cover illustrations for our books. We frequently  
look through postings on the LUG and the LRflex list ? photographs on  
those lists are often more original, and less stereotyped, than the  
typical offerings from stock agencies.

Our philosophy is that a cover image must satisfy two requirements: it  
must catch the eye, so that a customer will notice the book in the  
midst of a shelf-full of competing titles, and then pick it up to look  
at it; and it must be a metaphor in some way for the content of the  
book. Steve Barbour?s photograph ?Tikwame? served both purposes  
perfectly for our book Things that Matter Now.  The picture is really  
eye-catching and startling (we?ve watched customers deliberately  
reaching for the book and picking it up), and the visual enigma of the  
image fits a couple of the poems in the book so closely we almost  
wondered if Steve had been reading the manuscript in advance when he  
took the picture.

We?ve been really gratified with the response we?ve been getting?  
without any prompting from us, several readers have commented on how  
well the cover image suited the contents.  This sort of feedback is  
really exciting, and is one of the main reasons we love publishing  

Things that Matter Now retails for $15.95 Canadian. If any persons on  
the LUG or LRflex lists would like to purchase copies, we?d be pleased  
to extend our ?Best Customer? discount. For Canadian customers, this  
works out to $10.00 Cdn. per copy including shipping and GST. For U.S.  
customers, the cost is $10.00 in U.S. currency including shipping.  
Please indicate ?LUG/LRflex order?. Ordering information is on our  
website, "

the image...

the cover...

many thanks,


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