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Subject: OT Re: [Leica] Sorry Marc
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Wed Feb 18 20:50:19 2009

Marc, although Walt presents a gruff exterior, inside he is likely a
veritable marshmallow of delicate emotions. I feel certain that he is as
mortified as this incident richly deserves. You do realise that very often
the mis-spelling of your name is as a result of automated spelling
correction within programmes? In the world of word processing, the Marc
sub-species is rather more exotic and rare than the common or garden variety
Mark. I fear that you are a victim of your own chosen specialised
adaptation. Even should our fingers and brains recall your proper
nomenclature, alas we are oft undone by the conspiracy that is
That's with a Geo and not a Je :-)

2009/2/19 Marc James Small <>

> At 10:20 PM 2/18/2009, Walt Johnson wrote:
> >Marc
> >
> >Please accept my apology for the misspelling of your name. It was a
> >careless oversight on my part  and I'll not make the same mistake again.
> >
> >Regarding the remaining  epochs covered in your post? I'm working on
> >those. Currently, I'm mid-Ordovician and looking forward to the
> >Silurian with unbridled enthusiasm.
> Shucks, Walt.  No hu-hu.  You've made the mistake before, as have many
> others, even Seth, and you might well make it again.  I was actually
> baptized as Mark but changed the spelling in my teen-age years to the 
> dismay
> of my mother -- I have a note she wrote me ten days before she died in 2003
> addressed to "Mark".  But Mom died happy, with her carton of cigarettes and
> box of wine per week, and lived to age 82.  I suspect that she had picked
> fights with my father, my sister, and my ex-wife ten minutes after she
> reached the hereafter.  You folks think I am contentious?  Lordy!  You 
> never
> met my mother!
> The Paleozoic is a fascinating time.  The Silurian is especially
> interesting.
> Marc
> Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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