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Subject: [Leica] [OT} what type of print is most archival? (was: [OT] Digital Darkroom and why?)
From: Sam Carleton <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 13:44:00 -0400
References: <>

Tina Manley wrote:

> At 11:00 AM 4/17/02 -0400, Sam wrote:
> >I am wondering, what is the objective behind those of you using a
> >"Digital Darkroom" that take it to paper?  I see two different
> >objectives, one is to reduce the cost of creating prints and/or the
> >other is to have control over the printing process without the time and
> >cost of printing it the old fashion way.  Are there any more that I am
> >missing?

> To avoid chemicals.  After years in the darkroom, I developed a sensitivity
> to darkroom chemicals and can't use them anymore.  Not that I would want
> to.  I love my "lightroom" even more than I did my darkroom


One of my goals in doing my own darkroom work is producing prints that are
archival.  I would like my prints to last generations.  This is where my
ignorance kicks in, I have always assumed that a properly handled fiber print
will last generations compared to both RC and inkjet.

Am I ignorant?  Or will a well handled fiber print out last both RC and inkjet?


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