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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: TEWE lenses
From: Stephen Gandy <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 19:38:09 -0800
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> Vitor Manuel Dias de Amorim wrote:
> >I have a 800mm f/5 TEWE-BERLIN lens and I'd like to know something
> about the company who made it.

The following is from the lens list in "The Ihagee 35mm Exas and
Exaktas" by Norlin Rober, the update of  which I hope to have finished
in the next few months.   I was not aware of an 800/5.   Please confirm
800/5 is correct.   I don't know if Tewe Berlin had any relationship to
Astro Berlin lenses.

 "Tewe  Berlin lenses of the mid? 1950's  were large expensive
telephotos.  They were also designated as TV Fernlinse,  and TV-Berlin.
Telons are two element lenses.  Telagons are four element lenses.  All
had manual diaphragms.  1956 prices unless otherwise stated.   These
were very well made lenses. (info given is close focus, and weight, if

300/3.5  Telagon. $360    10 feet.   5  lbs
400/5 Telagon. $360  (not yet confirmed)
400/5 Telon. introd. 1956; with trigger focusing.  15 feet  7 lbs
400/4.5 Telagon. $360, shown above
500/5  Telagon. $450  23 feet  11 lbs
600/5 Telon.   Telagon Introd about 1954; $565  40 feet   11 lbs.
800/6.3 Telon   Telagon Introd about 1954; $750   67 feet, 14 lbs.
1000/6.3 Telon late 1950s  very fast for a non mirror 1000
2000/8.8 Telon Mirror introd 1958"

Stephen Gandy

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