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Subject: Re: [Leica] AF SLR for Leica Users
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 11:18:00 -0500
References: <001f01c083bc$df5d5520$4566fea9@TerrySham>

 Which one do
> you prefer? 

Why does it possibly matter what someone else prefers, especially as
there will be at least one person who will tell you that one of these
systems is perfection, and all the others suck?

Which one is best suiting the taste of Leica user of both
> optical and mechanical qualities.

There is no AF system camera - particularly when it comes to lenses -
with the build quality of a Leica M. That is not a chauvenistic
statement, simply a statment of fact.

 I know each system has its own advantage
> over others, but it is a really a difficult decision. 

But only you can make it.

Here is my comment of
> those system:
> Nikon = Wonderful built quality, but I don't like the pictures taken by
> Nikkors because of the cool colour and too sharp.

Why do you need an F5. Unless you are shooting pole valuting, or doing
some incredibly esoteric things, the F100 at a fraction of the weight,
will do anything you want it to.

The lenses are too sharp? Are you not using any modern Leica M lenses?
If you are, this comment is a bit strange.
> Canon = Wonderful AF speed, large range of lenses, wonderful IS technology,
> but poor built quality.

That poor build quality must explain why, what, 75 percent?, of daily
shooters use this equipment and bang the hell out of it on a daily
> Minolta = Good optical quality, but slow AF speed and no digital body.

Fantastic body build quality in the Maxxum 9, and the AF speed is hardly
slow...*see comment on Nikon...And you didn't say you needed a digital
> Contax = Best optical quality, but no flagship body. I also need some lenses
> like 16mm fisheye, 28mm PC and 300mm F2.8.

Who says it's the best optical quality. Try looking at Photodo and the
lens tests. Yes, the lenses are good. But this is a very limited system
> Pentax = Large film advantage, but I don't know that is it convenient to
> use?

What are you doing comparing a medium format camera to a bunch of 35
SLRs. And on the 35s you were commenting on such things as build quality
of lenses, color cast of lenses, AF speed, digital body, and here all
you ask is 'is it convenient to use?'"

Let me ask a few questions:
Is this for daily pro use? Do you shoot 35 or medium format? What do you
shoot? How roughly do you treat your equipment? 
> Thanks for your advice!
> Terry Sham

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