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Subject: Re: [Leica] Black and white printers
From: Tina Manley <images@InfoAve.Net>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 15:52:13 -0500
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Hi, Julian -

Thanks for your comments.

Epson has replaced their faulty Premium Glossy with a new one that won't 
turn orange.  It should have a sticker on it with the manufactured date.  I 
don't have an Epson 1270 - for color I'm still limping along with the old 
Stylus PhotoEx and waiting for Jon Cone to come out with color piezography 
(soon!)   I use Epson Glossy in that with the Epson Glossy profile from Jon 
Cone.  I'm using the Heavyweight Matte in my color 3000 in the meantime and 
like it fine for now, but the dots are definitely visible.  I use Jon 
Cone's profile for Epson Photo Quality paper.  I don't print a lot of 
color.  All of my color film is transparency and I end up sending digital 
files, not prints.  All of the other papers I'm using for B&W peizography 
in the other 3000 - lots of good ones from Heavyweight Matte to Somerset 
Enhanced, Concorde Rag, Turnbridge, and Dual Sided Matte.

I'm sure when the color Piezography comes out there will be lots of new 
papers to try out with it - so many papers, so little time!


Tina Manley, ASMP

At 02:58 PM 1/20/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I have only used the Epson Premium Glossy and Heavyweight Matte with my
>1270, primarily those are the only ones I know to be compatible with the
>printer and its driver.  Would you be so kind as to mention other papers
>that you use (for color) and maybe their advantage over the standard Epson
>stuff?  And for non-Epson papers, what paper settings do hyou use in the
>Epson printer setup dialogue?  Thanks in advance.
>P.S.  Your Kenya pictures convey a sense of human warmth that is very
>touching.  Thanks for letting us see them.

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