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Subject: Re: [Leica] Rapidwinder/grip
From: Ted <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 16:07:06 -0800
References: <> wrote:

> >>>>>Ha, that's what interests me, how good/bad is the handling of the camera with
> the RapidWinder when shooting verticals with a left eye while holding the camera
> with the wind lever pointing down?
> Any left eyed shooters feel to comment?<<<<<

Hi Jiri,
Old one eye here, left eyed only with RapidWinder and RapidGrip on all M6's. I'm not
sure what you mean with the wind lever pointing down? But I have no problem shooting
left eyed verticals. It doesn't matter which way I hold the camera.

Do you mean when the shutter release is held in the down position by bending the
right wrist and grip is to the bottom? If this is what you mean, may I.  This is a
very awkward way to hold the camera as you loose the holding ability of the left
hand and arm for support, certainly during slow shutter speeds.

With the grip or not I always work, well in most cases, with the grip topside and
right arm held up with left hand & arm supporting the camera and still working the
advance lever rapidly if necessary. This also allows for much quicker movement of
the arms back to horizontal shooting .

I trust this answers your question.


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