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Subject: RE: [Leica] Leitz 90mm f1.0 & 65mm f0.65
From: Jem Kime <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:51:19 -0000

If this is the same pair of lenses I lost in an e-bay auction to a german 
bidder then here are the words that accompanied the pictures.

Leitz Canada X-Ray lens 65mm F0.75

S/N 252-1177
          P/N BT87-132
          Mfg by Leitz Canada for Picker X-Ray
          Lens has a dent on the case near the top, optics appear undamaged 
          Small lens surface on back side has a small chip, however it does 
not appear as if it
          effects the use of this lens (please see photos)
          Flange Diameter: 6"
          Lens body Diameter: 4"
          Overall height (or length) 5 3/8"
          This is all the data I have for this lens.  I do not know it's 
original use.  Overall except for
          the small chip on the side of the small lens, the optics look 
good.  No scratches on the
          large lens surface
          Shipping weight 5 lbs

Leitz Canada 90mm F1 lens

S/N 3730233
          P/N BT87-243
          Mfg by Leitz Canada for Picker X-Ray
          Overall Diameter of lens body: 4"
          Diameter of flange: 4.8"
          Overall length (height) 5.25"
          Lens body is slightly dented and scratched, please see photos
          Lens surfaces are free of scratches and chips.  Other than the 
body looking bad, the
          optics look good
          I am not sure, but on the other Leitz lens I have (also for sale 
on ebay) there is a small
          piece of glass that is in the "back" of the lens unit, under a 
threaded ring.  Please see the
          photo of this lens and the other to compare.  On this 90mm f/1 
there is no small glass
          piece in it. ???  Not sure if this is a problem or issue, just 
wanted to make it known.
          Shipping weight 7 lbs

I can send the photos if you wish but there are 13 of them and will take a 
while to download. Other than this I have no further information other than 
having seen the 90mm f1 in a photo or two in 'Viewfinder' or elsewhere.

best regards,

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From:	Rob McElroy []

Does anyone have or know where there is any published data on the Leitz 
90mm f1.0 and 65mm f0.75 lenses made by Leitz Canada for the Picker X-Ray

I just purchased both lenses (they haven't arrived yet) for use on a custom 
camera I built for making small circular daguerreotypes. Major amounts of
light are needed for daguerreotypes.  Just think of Kodachrome 25 and add 
10 stops more light.

My guess is that the image circles on these lenses may be fairly small, but 
the Elcan version of the Leitz 90mm f1.0 has been shown mounted on an M3
for the US Navy (see Lager-Lenses p. 232).

Are the Elcan and Picker 90mm f1.0 lenses the same optical design?  Do they 
have the same size image circle and how big is it?  Are the lenses
corrected only for a narrow portion of the visible spectrum?  Any published 
resolution or MTF data?

Has anyone ever handled either of these Picker X-Ray lenses?  Both the 65mm 
and 90mm have a 4"-wide front lens surface.

Thanks for any info. anyone might have.

Rob McElroy
Buffalo, NY

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