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Subject: Re: [Leica] a life of photographing women
From: "Richard E. Baznik" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 15:28:54 -0400
References: <>

Wow. For days I see little other than these threads about "Bokeh/Nokeh" and
"Noctilax" whizzing by, and then Mark casually mentions this encounter with
a would-be model. There's a wake-up.///Dick Baznik
At 11:58 AM 8/29/00 -0700, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>I had an elegant 28 year old women come out of the dressing room (who was a
>nurse) wearing a bathing suit, two piece. We were discussing shooting her
>modelling portfolio and if she needed to get in shape much more first.
>So it was a shock when I saw she had cigarette burn marks all over her
body from
>parental abuse.
>I was the first person she ever allowed to see those burns…
>	which I guess meant having never gone to the beach or having a much of a
love life.
>Anyway i didn't end up shooting this womens model portfolio but I was
>flattered that she would take the first step of allowing someone to see her
>scars and that this person would be me.
>She burst into tears briefly and then went back to being a nurse at the
>where she worked in this neighborhood.
>A necessary catharsis it seemed for her to get on with her life.
>I ran into her sometimes and she smiled at me nicely a kind of trust was
there I guess.
>I think we interact with people with all kinds of problems all the time. We
>don't know WHO will show up at our doorstep for a picture and what their
>baggage has amounted to.
> We just have to do the best we can without PHD's and try to treat these
>like normal humans so that someday they can become normal humans.
>Not isolate them or treat them like eggs.

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