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Subject: [Leica] On the Nikon S3
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:51:46 -0700
References: <306D724879FFD21183230008C75B90680336A7@LRAFS01>

Some different scenarios on the S3 could get to be the case:

1) They come out with it, people buy it, that's it. They are warned not use
actually USE it too much because parts are not going to be made forever. It's a
Jewel best left on the display shelf.
A camera and a lens.

2) Due too amazing popularity Nikon comes out with another lens for this camera,
a 35 or 28 depending on the finder. It seems people are actually intent on USING
this camera with it's limited system. Much attention is then brought to
rangefinder photography as an option over SLR for at least fine art or reportage
shooting. Many are sold and many more M6's are sold because of the attention
involved. Much comparing of the Nikon against the Leica. Mechanics? Glass?

3) Mark goes across the street and grabs a hamburger.

4) Leica Reintroduces the LTM Barnack camera (screwmount) and a lens or two and
knocks everyone on their ass.
I am the first to get one.

5) Even more of a success within the next decade makes for Nikon introducing
more and more lenses and features as the original was an extraordinarily
complete system making for a real option for Leica rangefinder. Leica is forced
to try harder and refine and innovate on a more intense level.
But Nikon never comes out with anything to compete with Leica's new Aspherics,
glass wise.

6) all or none of the above.

7) do not fold, spindle or mutilate, especially mutilate.
Mark William Rabiner

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