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Subject: Re: [Leica] Suggestions for Europe Trip
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 18:45:37 -0400

 What are your recommendations for the following:

 1) Color Print Film

	Reala CS 100
	NHG 800 II

 2) Tripod

	The absolute lightest and smallest you can find:
	your whole trip will be far more comfortable
	and relaxed. It would allow you to enjoy the trip
	rather than be a photo slave . . . Manfrotto Monopod ?

 3) Wide Angle Lens

	I'm convinced an Elmarit-M 24 mm f/2.8 ASPH
	would be well justified BUT that also means
	a more complex system. I am one of those who believe
	in K.I.S.S. while travelling: keep it simple and enjoy !

	Perhaps an excellent excuse to get a 35mm Summilux-M f/1.4 ASPH
	as this would greatly simplify your system and probably
	become your overall favorite / most useful lens now
	and later on. I tend to favor this option as this allows
	a one-camera trip -- making sure your camera is in good
	shape and 100% dependable beforehand.

	When I travel, I try not to invite burglars and not to look
	like someone with money to throw away and be as "approachable"
	to the local people as possible (with my clergy man looks [ ! ]
	I don't have much of a choice -- a disco boy I ain't ... ).

 3) Any other things you would suggest???

	Leica Trinovid 10 x 25 BCA (black) binoculars:
	light, extra sharp and true color performance.
	Much more useful than any camera !

	Carl Zeiss Cool Blue "sport" prescription sunglasses
	in a Sortilege mount (very light, not a library rat look);
	extra easy on the eyes and very euro-fashionable.

	A large rectangular magnifier to check details out.
	Nikon makes a few interesting models with solid handles,
	. . . until Leica makes some.

	A smaller MagLite flashlight.

	Multi-sport walking shoes -- my FILA n-e-v-e-r make my
	feet sore. Mine are a full sole model, dark blue fabric.
	It also forces a more relaxed "sport" travel look,
	as compared to the usual "uncle" look...  ;+)
	Figure you could be walking about 5+ miles each day:
	to many people, that's a lot.
	Many people forget they won't have their car, when choosing
	travel walking shoes, and soon find out their error.
	And less luggage: less, less, less !

	One necktie is enough ! Look in the sex shops for a
	"conversation piece" ...

	Mint flavored condoms, for added empathy ... Quid pro quo ?

	Many USA one dollar bills : helps "friendly service" . . . ( No
coins ! )

	Europe is not as warm as North America, but this IS August.
	A water bottle is wise -- make sure the water is safe,
	even in Europe -- as we drink much more when travelling
	(the sun, walking, etc.)... Perhaps will you end up with cognac
	in it ???  (Gaston Lagrange 'Napoleon', ... ( XO i$ terrific) ).

	[ Make sure you try Coq d'or "Pinot des Charentes" on ice,
	as an cool and soothing aperitive. ]

	Basic little pharmacy: Imodium (diarrhea), Fermentol (digestive
	aid -- pepsin), Motrin (all purpose pain killer), Myoflex (for sore
	muscles), Contac C or equivalent, Gravol (motion sickness),
	Band-Aid and a basic disinfectant (peroxide is a no-pain one),
	anti-allergy medicine if you're allergic, in smaller sizes.

	Most of this could fit in an inexpensive compact backpack,
	add a Leica patch if ever available [ ? ] . Of course, there's the
	backpack photo bag option, but a simple "casual" LIGHT model
	is just as good and can serve just that purpose: to add
	various patches / 'pins' from each destination ... great souvenir
	or gift when you get back home. Look for one with a water
	bottle pouch.

	Have you ever had you hair dyed ? Go for electric blue !

	Bon voyage !

	Andre Jean Quintal

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