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Subject: [Leica] Vacation... lighten up
From: "Birkey, Duane" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 08:22:39 -0500

On my vacations, I normally take one or two M bodies and three M lenses to
take pictures of my family and a few things really noteworthy.  I've managed
to only take a P&S a couple of times.  I try to switch out of being a
photographer....otherwise it is not a vacation for my family if I spend all
of my time ignoring them and doing photography...  

If I'm going somewhere for a week or two to do photography... I take more EQ
and I leave my wife and daughter at home... as they won't see me much till
after dark and they are more concerned about eating breakfast, lunch and
supper than the light.  I also personally prefer to have less distractions
and competition for my time when I'm shooting.  

Duane Birkey
HCJB World Radio
Quito Ecuador
Duane's Photographs of Ecuador

Roland Smith wrote in response to one of my posts:

I make a resolution each year after my vacation to limit the equipment I
take on my vacation.   Each year, the quantity grows even to include a
tripod and a monopod.   I take both 35mm and medium format, the first for
color negative film for a Leica M4-2, Yashica T4 and black and white for a
Leica M3, Rollei 35s, Fujica 645S, Rollei 3.5F and several Leica lenses.

This year I hardly had room for clothing and underwear to clean the lenses.

I hope I can use will power and scale down on my next trip.   The question
has evolved from "what should I take" to " what should I leave behind?"

Apparently, I am not unique in this type of behavior.

Roland Smith

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