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Subject: Re: [Leica] 35mm Summicron, version differences
From: Christer Almqvist <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 18:13:27 +0100
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>Because I will be standing back about 5-8 feet from the wall when I have
>that giant mural made, and I don't really think I will notice the minor
>nuances that might be noticeable when my nose is 2 inches from it.
>And you got the order of importance all wrong.  It should be slower film,
>tripod, faster shutter speed, more modern lens.
>Dan C.

first of  all you need a more modern lens.

If you shoot slower film you need to open the lens up more than with a fast
film, and modern lenses are needed to get sharp pix - whatever that is - at
larger openings.

The same is true for faster shutter speed. You simply need a more modern
lens if you use faster shutter speed and want sharp pix.

Tripods are the single best buy to improve the technical quality of your
pix.  No need for shorter shutter speeds and you can use your old lenses
stopped down even with slow film. And almost any old tripod will carry the
weight of  a Leica. Only,  they are a pain in the ....  to carry along.
Still, last weekend I bought a second Slik SL 70 for $ 10 on a fleamarket
in  the french countryside. Weight one kilo,  20" collapsed, 54" extended.
It  now lives in my car boot, just in case......  But only until I get my
21 and 90mm upgraded to ASPHs.


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Christer Almqvist
D-20255 Hamburg, Germany and/or
F-50590 Regnéville-sur-Mer, France

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