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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Some ideas for a new R
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 09:59:51 -0400

Hey, Jim...Lighten up. There are some pretty damn good, bright,
photographers who use top-of-the-line computerized Nikons and Canons and
take full advantage of all those cameras can do for them - AND use them on
manual when that makes the most sense.

You love Leica Ms and Rs. Great. I love Leica Ms and the Nikon F100. I've
handled an R8 on a number of occassions and just don't like the feel, and
believe that by today's standards it and the R6.2 are over priced. But, hey,
that's just my opinion and I'm not suggesting that your IQ is low because
you don't have enough smarts to master the complexity of an F100 or F5 -
;-). (That's a JOKE, Jim.)

Let's just get back to photography, and recognize that some folks are
comfortable with one camera system, others are comfortable with another -
and most modern systems - and I include the Rs as one - perform more than
adequately well.

B. D.

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> Subject: [Leica] Re: Some ideas for a new R
> Jeez Chuckie, you just explained, in 50 words or less, your IQ and every
> other detail of yourself.
> The good folks are still here. Ted being at the very TOP of the list.
> It does require some level of intelligence to operate a Leica. They are
> meant to be used by people who actually understand the craft of
> photography.
> And it is really great that companies like Nikon make completely automatic
> cameras, for folks who cannot think past their single digit IQ. They saw a
> market and filled it. So now you can have a camera too.
> Jim
> At 01:41 PM 8/7/00 -0400, CHUCK at wrote:
> >
> >Well, even if I got a free new camera from Leica for my old
> broken one like
> >you did, I still wouldn't be an arrogant snob asshole and look
> down my brown
> >nose at us poor bastards who don't get special treatment and don't like
> >burning our money.  And what the hell do you know about what
> other people can
> >and can't afford and what the hell gives you the right to make those
> >judgments?  An F4 cost as much as an R8, but it worked.  I'll
> have a great
> >trip while you few self-appointed masters piss on all the good
> folks who, I'm
> >surprised, haven't unsubscsribed yet.
> >
> >Chuck