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Subject: Re: [Leica] Konica 90mm M-Hexanon lens
From: Dante A Stella <>
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 22:54:19 -0400
References: <>


In terms of what you can see in build quality, it is  identical to the
90/2.8 Elmarit-M (anyone who tells you otherwise has probably not had both
of them in front of them at the same time - try it - you'll be very
surprised).  Actually, the finish is nicer because it doesn't have the
pinpointing around the screwholes like you see on some new Elmarits (or at
least the 3 I looked at).  They look almost like they rolled off the same
assembly line, right down to the identical retractable metal hoods.

- -- the optical formula is almost identical to the original Ernostar/Sonnar
(1 more element than the Elmarit).  Konica can't say Sonnar in their glossy
catalog because Zeiss still owns the TM.  Ernemann, however, is defunct and
fair game).
- -- faster to snap into focus than the Elmarit (1/4 turn for 1m to *)
- -- aperture blades identical as far as one can tell
- -- same filter size and overall size (w/in 1/4cm)
- -- the case isn't as nice as the Leica (cinch vs. zip-up) - big (#($@# deal.

- -- the lens cap is metal push-on
- -- mount and cam compatible with M6
- -- no black specks.

In terms of optical performance, it leaves very little to be desired (except
a f/2.0 max aperture), and various magazine tests (I just shoot for fun)
bear this out.  CDI rated it identically to the Leica, if I recall.

And it's 1/2 the price of the Leica  lens on maximum rebate (I paid about 6
and a half bills new).

The real corker is that neither the Leica nor the Konica is built as nicely
(materials-wise) as my old Nikkor 85/2 chrome LTM - which is one well-built
lens.  Of course, the Nikon is heavy, slow-to-focus and optically inferior,
but what the hey...


Jim Olson wrote:

> Is the 90 mm lens for the konica rf completely compatible with the m6 and
> does anyone have any comments on its quality
> Jim Olson

- --
Dante Stella

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