Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/07/30

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Subject: [Leica] Bay Area LUG dinner on July 29, 2000
From: "Roland Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 07:53:00 -0700

It happened with great food and friendly conversation.  For a group that was
for the most part strangers to each other, the socializing was

Georgia and I arrived late after wandering around trying to find the
restaurant.   This put us at the third table with a location closes to the
source of the food and beverage.   Our table was served first.

Joshua and Susan Orkin were there.  Josh had brought his M6 with a 75mm
Summilux.   He shares some of his pictures using T-MAX 400CN which uses C-41
processing.   His pictures were great and the grain quality was excellent.
The Orkins are from Redwood City, California.

Scott Green brought his M3 with a 50mm collapsible Summicron that he used to
take some very well composed pictures in Costa Rica.  It was good to share
camera talk with Scott since I have a preference for using my M3 and a
Summicron.  He came from Vallejo, California.

Ken Iisaka arrived with Ansel. They are from someplace in Mill Valley.   It
seems his son is already interested in cameras at 2.5 years of age.   He
wanted to use Ken's M6 all evening.   Ken's M6 had a Noctilux attached which
was a focal point of table conversation at various times all evening.   At
one point I saw the Noctilux on Scott's M3 and the Summicron on Ken's M6.
Ken, however, remembered to trade back.

Ken brought some great pictures in B&W and Cibachrome.   He does his own
darkroom production.

I brought a IIIa with a Summar that I am experimenting with.   I left my
M4-2 in the car and couldn't try the Noctilux.  However, Josh produced a
15mm Helier which I mounted on the IIIa for a couple of pictures.   The
width of its angle of coverage is awesome.   I am glad I had shined my

Tom Abrahamsson gave everyone a soft release with LUG 2000 painted on it.
This should already be a collectors item.   As the evening closed he let us
all experience holding his M Leica with a Rapidwinder incorporating a
handle.   It is a great product.

As people around the room introduced themselves to the group, I reflected on
how nice it was to become acquainted with the people behind the postings I
have been reading for some time.  Hopefully, we will have more dinners like

Roland Smith