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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Quality Control & Customer Service (!)
From: Robert Jagitsch <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:18:43 -0500
References: <>

><<Just curious, how does a all mechanical camera "die" in the middle of a roll
>of film? Could your meter BATTERY have EXPIRED? You know, the M6 continues
>to work mechanically without the meter. I think you, rather than the camera
>could be the problem.
>Thanks so much for your helpful response!  NOT!!!  I think I mentioned in my
>original posting that the shutter had jammed.

Recently (March) I purchased an M5. While checking it out for the 
first time, I fired off a few frames. Within 3 or 4 shots, the 
shutter jammed. I had never seen this kind of thing happen before. (I 
used to work at a camera store where I got to play with every camera 
imaginable, and I have owned perhaps 40 cameras over the years, of 
all brands.) Two weeks later, I bought a second M5, and the exact 
same thing happened!

I was absolutely dumbfounded that after 25 years of fiddling with 
cameras this could happen two times in a row.

BTW, I have never, ever sent a camera of any brand (N, C, O, L, K, 
etc.) to a repair depot in my life...until this happened. I have a 
1978 Nikon F2 that has had the same battery for the past 15 years, 
and the meter is still dead on, and everything else works perfectly. 
Never been CLAd.

The M5s were just dumb luck, no other way to explain it.

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