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Subject: Re: [Leica] Vegetarian percentages, observations by Leica users.... (off Topic)
From: "Ross McLeish" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:58:11 +1000
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mike pailliotet typed:
> Yeah, there probably are less then 1 % of us cud chewers world wide .

Ummmm, not exactly true. Perhaps in the so-called 'Western World' it is 1%
only , however vaste numbers of this planet's population are and have been,
traditionally 'vegetarian' for a range of reasons, mostly either spititual
and/or economic. The Indian sub-continent and large areas of Africa and Asia
are good examples of that contention. Sometimes it is purely 'ceremonial'
such as special Buddhist days when only vegetarian food is taken (parts of
Asia); thousands of years of spiritual tradition (certain sprititual sects
of India); general poverty (large tracts of Africa, and perhaps at least in
times past, the Indian sub-contiment).
As (relatively) very affluent Westerners, we sometimes forget how easy is
has been for us to make a concious 'choice' about what our plates and bowls
contain. IMO the vaste majority of the people of this world do not enjoy
that choice, and may be vegetarian out of necessity or tradition. Certainly,
I believe the percentage is hugely more than "one percent".  Probably Tina
Manley and Sebastio Salgado, and others whom work a great deal in
third-world countries may have some comments about the 'prevalence' or
otherwise of vegetarianism around the world?

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