Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/04/16

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Subject: [Leica] Small flash and cords
From: Robert Appleby and Sue Darlow <>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 09:49:44 +0200

Thus was it written:
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 11:39:50 EDT
Subject: [Leica] GOOD FLASH FOR M6 classic 

Hello all .
I have found THE PERFECT flash for my M6 CLASSIC .
The METZ 28 C-2 is small , flat , compact and offers nice features :
Guide number : 28 ( 100 iso )
3 auto diaphs : 2 ; 4 and 8
manual mode
automatic ON/OFF
Orientable head
battery test
flash sensor ( also indicates if light was OK )
wide angle diffuser
dimensions are the following : 10cm length , 7cm width , 6 highth
For me , it's exactly what I was looking for : a small flash with good 
performance , that you don't care to take with you .

I too have looked long for the ideal small flash with adequate auto
settings. I use the 32 Z-2, which is a great unit but just too heavy for
the M series IMO. Looking at the Metz site today after readig your post, I
saw the 34 GN models with 3 auto settings (still inadequate, but no-one
seems to offer a small flash with 6 settings, with the exception of the
Nikon SB-27 (I think), the flat one without tilt). Can anyone recommend/
criticise either of these units from experience. I know that I like Metz
for the very reliable auto exposure which seems to be superior to that of
the Nikons my wife uses. The Metz 34 non AF model looks like a good one,
but 2-4-8 is very limiting when your synch speed is 1/50. Does anyone know
of a coiled synch-to-hotshoe cable? It always seems to be synch-to-synch or
hotshoe-to hotshoe. Does Metz do an adaptor with integral synch cord? The
website is not very informative.
BTW, I bought a rapidwinder yesterday - very nice. Also saw the Bessa R in
the same shop - cute. Terrific viewfinder. A very nice little camera. I'm
not about to buy one.

Robert Appleby
V Bellentani 36
41100 MO

Tel: 0039 059 303436