Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/10/27

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Subject: [Leica] David Allen Harvey's flash, lens use, etc.
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 07:58:42 EDT

Hi, LUGgers:

In my first post to the LUG this past January, when Monica was in town to 
give her testimony on what brand of cigars Bill prefers ;)  I recounted 
having met Harvey at the National Geographic Explorers Hall and discussing 
his then in-progress work in Cuba.  He said that most of his photographs were 
made with the use of a 35mm (f/stop not asked) and supplemented with a 28mm 
"used as a wide 35" (his words).

With the publication of his photos in the September issue of the magazine, 
Nat'l Geographic put on display approx. 30 large prints in Explorers Hall.  
In addition, there is a 12 minute film documentary of Harvey working in Cuba, 
with his comments as voice-over. At the beginning of the film, there is a 
close-up of him taking a photograph with a VERY beat up 50mm Summilux --the 
dent on the filter ring is painful to see!  The video of him working in the 
streets and homes of Havana, using early morning and late afternoon light, 
quickly framing the scene, shooting, recomposing and shooting again is a 
primer on how to use an M.  On those occasions (several) when flash was 
needed, he used a Vivitar 2600  and a Sto-Fen diffuser with the flash head 
set at a 45 degree angle.  

Harvey is a fairly big guy, so even when he is carrying two Ms and a small 
knapsack of film and stuff he doesn't look at all encumbered.  I noticed that 
he usually wears a trim, multi-pocketed vest, not the bulky Domke or Banana 
Republic variety.  Also, he doesn't use filters or hoods on his lenses!  Go 

Maybe the film will appear on MSNBC's Nat'l Geographics Explorer soon.  If 
so, don't miss it.

Best regards -- Mike