Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/12/27

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Subject: [Leica] Re: any leica specialists, diopters
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 14:17:37 -0800

I just did a couple of minutes of research on this subject. The Leica M
Compendium, page 177 list diopter for M cameras 1977-1987, and diopters
for 1987 onwards. Two separate lists. Your part number, 14351, is a +1
diopter for M cameras 1987 and onward. 1977-1987 require part number
There is a misprint in the M compendium page 177. It lists 14352 instead
of 14351 for the +1 diopter.<br>
At 01:46 PM 12/27/98 -0800, you wrote: <br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite cite>Sorry Andreas, I didn't answer because I don't
have an answer. And perhaps those that do are away for the holidays. Be
patient, and do some research on your own, then in a week or so, ask
again (everyone should be back after the New Year.<br>
At 10:23 PM 12/27/98 +0100, you wrote: <br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite cite>=A0<br>
<font size=3D2>Dear lug friends,</font><br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2>I was very dissappointed to get no answers on my
first quest for help, must be the holliday season!</font><br>
<font size=3D3>So where are all the heavy leica specialists, or do you
prefer to discuss red dots and pc wishes<br>
</font><font size=3D2>this was my message:</font><br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2>Sometime ago I got some good advice from Richard C.=A0
which correction</font><br>
<font size=3D3>lens I should buy for my M4-P. After waiting for several
months I finally got the lens. To my surprise I did not fit. <br>
</font><font size=3D2>The diameter of the screw mount=A0 is 11,8 mm while th=
one on my M4-P is bigger</font><br>
<font size=3D3>14,8mm, also the lens is visibly bigger. At first I did not
bother, I thought I was the idiot and should have been more precise when
ordering. They must have send me one for the M6.=A0 I would use it when I
buy an M6<br>
</font><font size=3D2>Last week I went to one of the nicer second hand
shops in Brussels (near the Cinqentenaire, thanks Nathan!) to find a
second hand correction lens for my M4-P. To my great surprise they had
one but were so nice to tell me that there is no difference between the
M6 and the M4-P.</font><br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2>Does anybody has a clue what went wrong? I have a
M4-P nr 1620XXX which means production between 83-84. The correction
lens=A0 was &quot;boxed&quot; in brand new Leica box and carrying the
following text: Correction lens for Leica M-Modelle (in
German/English/French) 14351.</font><br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2>It does not fit my M3 either (having the same
diameter as the M4-P and=A0 but there the=A0 lens is mounted
<font size=3D3>=A0</font><font size=3D2> </font><br>
<font size=3D3>happy new yearl<br>
</font><font size=3D2>andreas</font><br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2>Dr Andreas Frijdal<br>
Casalmonte <br>
50020 San Polo in Chianti (Fi)<br>
<font size=3D3>=A0<br>
</font><font size=3D2><a href=3D""></a>=
+39-055-8307318 home <br>
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