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Revised instructions for 2015

(Last updated 2 Dec 2015)

Each year since 2006, the LUG has produced a yearbook of photographs. The 2015 volume will follow the same form as previous editions. All LUG members are encouraged to participate and contributions from other photographers not currently part of the group are also welcome. Photos may be made with any brand of equipment and there will be no judging or competition involved. Previously published photos are still welcome in our book. In keeping with the Yearbook theme, photos contributed should have been made during 2014.

Submission Instructions: Images must be sent to Richard Man at and may be sent until 15 December 2015 at midnight California time. Contributors are encouraged not to wait until the last minute. Every submission received in time will be acknowledged by return email, including caption confirmation.

Please send two image files, ideally as attachments to one or two email messages. Be aware that some email clients may reduce the sizes of images within messages by default.

This will be a non-profit, not juried/judged compilation of photos by any interested photographer. Anyone may contribute and any brand of equipment may be used. Please send photos that you have made during 2015. There will be no obligation to buy the book which will be published by Blurb and there will be hardcover, softcover printed versions offered and an eBook for iPad. There will be a small surcharge only applied for each purchase. For 2015 this will be the Second Harvest Food Bank in the Silicon Valley. While a 3-bedroom starter home starts at 1.5 million USD in Palo Alto, there are people who do not have enough to eat, even here.

*Please send two image files, ideally as attachments to one or two email messages.* Be aware that some email clients may reduce the sizes of images within messages by default.

Ideal image files are JPEG files around 2000 to 3000 pixels on the long side with file sizes of 1 to 2 megabytes. The sRGB color space will be used when they are reproduced.

The book will be in our usual 10 inches x 8 inches (20x25cm) landscape layout. Whether in landscape or portrait orientation your images will not be cropped or altered by the editor. They will be fitted into the standard image layouts used. The Blurb software will size the images to fit.

For the left hand page that will be a box 2680 pixels wide and 2250 pixels high with a plain margin or as a full bleed image (with small overlap of edges) of 2888 pixels wide x 2475 pixels high.

For the right hand page that will be a box 1500 pixels wide x 1796 pixels high (for a portrait orientation) or 2271 pixels wide x 1588 pixels high (for a landscape orientation). Both right hand page options leave room for a single caption for both images underneath.

In the text of your email, *please provide a single caption for both images.* This will be your name, and preferably a title for each image. You may also like to include details of the equipment or similar *short* comment. Here is an example:

*Firstname Lastname* Opposite: 'left image title' Leica M3, Elmar 50 f/3.5 Above: 'Cats eating sushi' Fujifilm X-E1 XF 18-55, Boston LUG meetup

Purchase options: There is no obligation to purchase, whether you participate or not. Blurb books are printed on demand with no minimum print run. If you want to see previous yearbooks—or buy copies—they are still available. Here are the books for for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. You can look at the first 15 pages or so of each book online, or you can buy a copy.

Available Formats: The 2015 yearbook will be available soft or hard cover with dust jacket as previously. Additionally, this year there will be a downloadable eBook for iPad. There will be no PDF version distributed.

Prices: That depends on whether you purchase a hardcover or paperback version.  See previous Blurb LUG yearbooks, and you’ll get an idea.  The price of the yearbook depends upon the page count.  There is no profit margin applied except for a $5 surcharge for every version of the book. For 2015, the proceeds will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Silicon Valley.